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Soho London

Located in Soho London, Singapulah transports guests on a cultural journey through the vibrant tapestry of 1970s Singapore. 

Upon arrival, a vivid colour palette along with bold geometric mosaic floor tiles create authenticity. The outward-facing bench seating ensures great visibility and connection with the lively street scene of Shaftesbury Avenue, highly reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Ascending to the upper floors, a serene retreat awaits with muted tones and bespoke ceramic lighting affording a longer and elevated dining experience. A bespoke tiled communal table evokes memories of the public gathering spaces frequented below old Singaporean apartment blocks. Decorative floral wall tiling, referencing the highly decorative Peranakan culture of Singapore, weaves heritage and tradition into the heart of the design.

The private dining room nestled in the basement concealed behind openable retail shelving, stocked full of nostalgic consumables, is evocative of the old Mama convenience shops. Glimpses through into the cosy hideaway behind, reveal terrazzo style tables drawing on the historic stone floors found in the Ang Mo Kio apartments. Pastel pink upholstery complements the contemporary artwork and illustrations depicting the quintessential Singaporean way of life.

In essence, Singapulah offers a captivating journey through the sights, sounds and flavours of Singaporean culture. It is more than a restaurant; offering an unforgettable experience where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of home and adventure.


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