In the corner of Kensington’s Grade II listed Barkers Building, we aimed to transport guests back to Jazz Age Bombay, incorporating authentic details of the traditional Irani cafes and Art Deco cinemas of southern Bombay. The entrance features fluted maple lining, marble stairs, and monogrammed marble floors with stone frieze panels depicting dancing deer like those at the Eros Cinema. The restaurant’s double-height dining hall has stained glass chandeliers and an illuminated coffered ceiling inspired by Art Deco theatres. The walls have brass screens, polished plaster, and antique mirrors within lacquered panelling. The restaurant floor is composed of terrazzo, reclaimed marble, Merbau parquet and reclaimed mahogany strips. The interior, replete with a large, bespoke Deco-style clock and over 60 pieces of genuine period furniture, evokes the very essence of 1940s Bombay.

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