Case Study

Gerrards Cross

Emphasising simplicity and elegance as the foundation for the project’s aesthetic and in keeping with the original style of the building, our design drew inspiration from the Art Deco movement.

To celebrate the essence of a bygone era, ghost-written signage on the new façade pays homage to the garage’s original purpose.Tipping a nod to early 20th century automotive and transport design, bespoke bar stools, chandeliers, and leather booths were meticulously crafted for a luxurious ambiance. Commissioned travel posters evoke motoring nostalgia. Oak parquet with terrazzo borders, marble bar and kitchen details, and warm wood panelling create an inviting atmosphere.

For extra comfort and ambience, high-level roof lights were introduced to infuse the dining room with natural light. A new glazed steel shopfront, rebuilt external canopy, and reeded glazed timber screens maintain historical charm. The jewel in the crown – custom-designed clocks were seamlessly integrated into the interior joinery.

In essence, we seamlessly blended Art Deco influences, bespoke craftsmanship, and thoughtful restoration to create a timeless space.

The revitalisation of Gordon White & Co. Ltd into The Journeyman exemplifies our inherent ability to respect and preserve history while infusing a true commitment to modern elegance. 

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