Case Study


Dishoom, Battersea is a compelling design journey, mirroring the two phases of the Power Station’s construction. Our approach unfolded with a fascinating dual perspective. We envisioned an Irani café set in the 2020’s as imagined through a 1930’s lens. This liberated us from conformity to determine a broader and eclectic narrative.

Drawing inspiration from Bombay Deco and mid-century modernism, our design seamlessly weaves the Bombay vernacular throughout the café. Sourcing pieces from Bombay, our experienced team incorporated new materials rooted in retro-futurism, melding modern aesthetics with the futuristic predictions.

Curved timber panelled ceiling with inset mirrors reflect the vibrant raspberry Pyrolave countertop. Geometric floor tiling with inset Flotex rugs anchor low-slung lounge sets, creating a comfortable space to dwell.

The sweeping tiered brass bar echoes the curved stepped ceiling feature which flows through the dining spaces. Two-tone parquet block flooring, arranged in a stack-bond format, imparts a touch of modern simplicity. Throughout the space, a curated mix of iconic Irani café bentwood chairs, timber panelling replete with back-painted glass, bespoke graphical artwork, and strategically placed fans all intertwine to create a fantastical departure from convention.


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