Case Study


Departing from the Dishoom’s conventional DNA, this drink-centric offer draws inspiration from the iconic permit rooms and quarter bars of Bombay. We aimed to skilfully blend this Indian reference point with the contemporary vibe of the classic British pub featuring live music and DJ sessions.

Permit Room is an all-day bar-café with an independent spirit. 

The space features an eclectic mix of mid twentieth century inspired furniture including vintage laminate tables. Two bars serve different spaces, with the front room’s tiled counter serving as a welcoming arrival point for coffee and bottled cocktails. The upper wooden bar serves draught beers featuring collaborations with local brewers and hosts the DJ playing out across the adjoining spaces.

The design palette incorporates vintage mirrored iroko timber panelling, gloss-painted anaglypta wallpaper, and geometric patterned Marmoleum flooring. The character is further enhanced by abundant artwork, colourful graphics, and illustrated imagery on walls.

A burgeoning connection to the Brighton community is referenced through playful design elements and layers of collaborative material and artwork.

Our design for Permit Room transcends established boundaries, creating a space that blends diverse influences with familiar references creating a warm, welcoming and unique hangout in the very heart of Brighton.


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