Case Study

Canary Wharf

The design story for Dishoom Canary Wharf evolved to imagine the fictional owner of the restaurant to be a financial fraudster from the 1970s operating close to the Bombay Stock Exchange

We layered modernist architectural design reference against the faded beauty of 20th Century Indian artefacts. The wall artwork reinforces the time setting of the protagonist in our story.

The vision was realised by infusing the space with a vibrant colour palette, period polished marble and modern chrome elements.

The design is grounded in 1970s glamour, where a vintage diamond-shaped clock, set into bespoke joinery is the focal point of a grand bar that greets guests when they first arrive.

Key to the design is the retro furnishings that feature throughout. Textured upholstery and rattan panels embellish the space with charm, while authentic and carefully sourced fixtures and ornaments seek to enrich the experience. Dining spaces are filled with texture, with parquet and patterned-tile floors, and a mix of wood and marble tabletops. The Minton floor tiling in the central rear dining room replicates the flooring at the Aurora Cinema in Bombay.

In doing so, we create a unique and compelling atmosphere.

Dishoom Canary Wharf stands as a testament to our ability to imagine the feeling of a past era, to create a design narrative where we blend intrigue set against a wonderful backdrop of modernism.

We intelligently curated Indian cultural heritage and modern architectural reference points to deliver a fascinating and much talked about experience

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