Air Street

Client: Hawksmoor


Situated on the first floor of Regent Street’s grand crescent, Hawksmoor Air Street is inspired by its Piccadilly location, the former heartbeat of Art Deco London. We inherited an exceptionally long linear space with low featureless ceilings and partly obscured storey-high arched windows. Our challenge was to break up the existing space to create intimate pockets of dining, improve the ceiling heights and make the windows a dramatic focal point.

A sweeping, elliptical marble staircase with black polished plaster walls commands the ground floor foyer, illuminated overhead by bespoke handcrafted chandeliers. On the first floor, our design featured a screen formed of antique brass elevator doors with smoked grey glass panels to sub-divide the space into cocktail bar and restaurant.

The cocktail bar features angular reclaimed timber table tops with brass profile and stepped ceilings. In the restaurant, Art Deco-inspired illuminated ceiling coffers echo the space’s grand curve footprint, casting a halo of light around the arched windows. We collaborated on the design for these striking stained glass windows, which offer diners abstract glimpses of bustling Regent Street below.

Bespoke detailing in the mirrored perimeter walls, hand-carved joinery detail, brass and reeded glass table lights and green leather upholstery add the final touches of depth and character to this inviting space.

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