Foxlow St.John restaurant interior (Low res) (3)


Client: Foxlow


Foxlow is the younger, slightly more informal brother of the much-loved monolith to steak, Hawksmoor. A friendly, neighbourhood restaurant that offers good value and great service, its design communicates a strong sense of community reflecting the familiarity and comfort of your local. We’ve worked closely with the owners, Will & Huw, on all the Foxlow sites to create a tone that’s genial, accessible and heartening.

The local neighbourhood, its architecture and the design of the period informed the brief for each site. Using a palette of bold colour, natural materials and reclaimed or rebuilt furniture, our designs evoked a strong sense of nostalgia with nods to the familiar. In contrast, considered interior pieces add playful intrigue to each location giving guests a sense that they’re discovering something new every time they return.

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